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Core Concepts


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core concepts


Per Pixel Pricing

The value of payments is based on the number of pixels of video transcoded. Orchestrators advertise a price per pixel off-chain. Broadcasters filter and select orchestrators based on a maximum price per pixel that they are willing to pay for transcoding.

The video profiles requested by broadcasters will impact the number of pixels transcoded. A higher number of video profiles or more complex video profiles will require more pixels to be transcoded and also require more payments.

Probabilistic Micropayments

Payments are implemented using a probabilistic micropayment protocol.

Broadcasters send "lottery tickets" to Orchestrators in exchange for transcoded results. Each "lottery ticket" is defined with:

  • a face value: the payout to the orchestrator if the ticket wins, and
  • a probability that the ticket will win.

Each ticket is treated as a micropayment worth the expected value of the ticket (calculated as: face value multiplied by probability that the ticket will win).

Orchestrators will redeem winning tickets on-chain, to receive the face value of tickets.


Dual Mining

Per Pixel PricingProbabilistic Micropayments