Work @ Livepeer

Software Engineer - Video Infrastructure

Livepeer is building the world's first decentralized live video streaming network on the blockchain. Livepeer users will be able to sell their spare CPU cycles to stream live video for the Livepeer network, or use the Livepeer network to broadcast their own video. Livepeer's protocol creates a crypto-economically secure incentive structure that allows anyone to participate in the network. Similar to Bitcoin enabling anyone to become a miner to earn a block reward, Livepeer enables anyone to become a transcoder to earn a fee in processing video.

Many video products can be built on top of Livepeer. For example: decentralized social streaming platform (decentralized Facebook Live or Twitch), pay-as-you-go video broadcast platform, or uncensorable live journalism. Livepeer can also be used as a cheaper and more scalable alternative to existing, centralized live video solutions.

Job Description

Part of Livepeer’s mission is to give everyone on the web an equal voice. We are building an important and missing piece of the decentralized development (web3) stack, which will enable live video streaming in a completely decentralized context.

You will be working closely with a small team of talented engineers to bring our first product to market. The technical problems in the early days will be around scalable peer-to-peer infrastructure, live video streaming with different standards, crypto protocol design, smart contract development, and video application and product development. You will be working in an open source style workflow, contributing to the project in the open and interacting with our community in real-time.

Candidates for this position should have a solid background in live video streaming and a good understanding of peer-to-peer networking. Previous experience in open source development and a strong interest in crypto / decentralization is a plus.


  • Experience working with video formats like RTMP, HLS, DASH
  • Experience working with video codecs like H264 and VP8/9
  • Experience building live video streaming software solutions
  • Practical understanding of peer-to-peer networks (protocols over WebRTC, RCP/UDP sockets, Bittorrent)
  • Practical understanding of security practices and encryption
  • A background in computer science or representative work experience

Nice to have

  • Experience working in open source teams
  • Interest in crypto economics and crypto security (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Token-based-protocols)

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email containing your resume and cover letter to