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Configure Broadcasting Preferences

A broadcaster supports several methods for configuring broadcasting preferences which are documented here.


  • Make sure your broadcaster is running

Configure broadcasting preferences using livepeer_cli

You can configure the following broadcasting preferences using livepeer_cli.

  • The maximum price per pixel you are willing to pay.
  • The set of video profiles that you want your input video to be transcoded into

In livepeer_cli, select the following option:

16. Set broadcast config

First, you will set the maximum transcoding price. You will be prompted for a maximum price your willing to pay in wei per pixel.

Then, you will pick a set of video profiles that you would like your input video to be transcoded to. The set of video profiles presented in the wizard correspond to the standard video profiles currently supported by the node. If you need to use custom video profiles, refer to this guide.




Integrate a CDN

Pre-requisitiesConfigure broadcasting preferences using `livepeer_cli`