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getting started

Choosing a Role

As a video miner, you can take on the role of an orchestrator or transcoder. A full description of the roles and responsibilities can be found here.

You may want to consider running an orchestrator if you are:

  • Interested in earning LPT rewards
  • Interested in participating in governance with your staked LPT
  • Interested in scaling up your operation over time to maximize the amount of work received (instead of sharing work received by another orchestrator as a transcoder)
  • Able to maintain a static IP or DNS name for broadcasters to access
  • Comfortable with maintaining a publicly accessible server on the Internet
  • Comfortable with managing and securing Ethereum private keys
  • Comfortable with managing and spending ETH to pay for transactions to redeem payments and distribute rewards

You may want to consider running a transcoder if you are:

  • Interested in getting started with transcoding ASAP
  • Interested in minimizing the amount of dev ops work that you have to do
  • Comfortable with receiving a smaller share of work on the network because you will be sharing the work received by another orchestrator
  • Comfortable with not earnings LPT rewards because the compensation structure of transcoding pools will vary and they may only payout ETH fees

If you want to run a transcoder, see the transcoding pools section for information on pools that are live on the network today.

If you want to run an orchestrator, continue with the next part of this section.