The Livepeer Roadmap — 2021 And Beyond
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Head of People

About You

Are you excited about the opportunity to own and build out the entire people function at a fast growing startup? Do you believe that the most important decision that people make in terms of what job to take should be influenced not by the role or compensation, but by the people that they’ll be spending their time working with? Do you want to work alongside founders and leadership as a partner to make sure that the culture and processes within the organization enable an environment where people can be happy and do their best work? Are you excited by the challenges of recruiting and filling out a global team of both developers and business functions? Can you be creative and learn on the fly to figure out the right people policies for a company that operates at the intersection of traditional tech startup, and web3 blockchain powered global project? If it sounds exciting to you to join a company of 20 people and take on all of the above, then the Head of People role at Livepeer may be for you.

About Livepeer

Livepeer’s mission is to build the world’s open video infrastructure, enabling instantly scalable, reliable, and affordable video streaming for a global audience. We are starting by creating the best video infrastructure for user generated content (UGC) video applications. Users of Livepeer can access instantly reliable and scalable video infrastructure while saving over 10x in cost compared to existing infrastructure providers. We accomplish this by using our open source distributed network that enables anyone to bring capacity to the network and get compensated directly by its users. In trying times like this, Livepeer is proud to provide an unique video solution that helps communities and businesses innovate, adapt, and grow through the power of video.

Livepeer is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We are committed to provide a community and environment for mutual respect, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, physical and mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, military and veteran status, and any other characteristic protected by applicable law. We believe diversity and inclusion are crucial to our success and seek to recruit/develop from a diverse candidate pool.

About The Role

Livepeer is looking for an experienced leader to take on the role of Head of People, with the goal of ensuring that the company is a place where talented people love to work alongside one another. You will focus on building a team of dynamic, energized, entrepreneurial people who are driven by the mission of building the world’s open video infrastructure. You will be empowered to ensure that the culture and people processes within the company enable the team to do their best work and grow in a gratifying way. Creative problem solving and ability to learn on the fly is a must, as Livepeer operates at the intersection of a traditional technology startup, and a global, decentralized project, with team members and contributors all around the world working on disparate efforts. This role is a key strategic partner to the CEO and leadership team.


The following list is comprehensive, and represents the work of an entire built out HR organization. You are empowered to prioritize, staff your team, and resource using contractors and outsourced work as needed to ensure these functions get executed on as warranted over time.

Hiring / Onboarding

  • Determine hiring needs based on business growth
  • Work with team to structure roles and create job descriptions
  • Compensation benchmarking to determine budget for each role, taking global recruiting base into account and varying costs-of-living from market to market.
  • Implementing an ATS and manage candidate flow through the system
  • Screen/interview for open roles as well as meet people proactively to build a bench
  • Consider building out a small intern program and college recruiting program when the time is right
  • Create/implement a robust onboarding process that gives a sense of culture/values and sets new hires up for success

Employee Engagement & Culture

  • Work with founders to drive a people strategy and culture that aligns with Livepeer’s core mission and values
  • Make sure that people’s global remote work environment needs are met for their role, and that they can be happy and productive in their work environment.
  • Plan team building events at the appropriate cadence that work for a remote-first global culture.
  • Plan in person team retreats at appropriate cadence and locations.
  • Gauge employee happiness informally and through surveys
  • Ensure that Livepeer benefits from the perspectives of a diverse leadership and team member base, and that all prospective team members feel comfortable that Livepeer is a place where they feel respected and empowered

Payroll & Benefits

  • Work with our business administrator to ensure Payroll and Benefits are administered and meeting the needs of our team members
  • Work with our business administrator to manage yearly benefits evaluation - ensure plans are competitive and comprehensive

Global People Operations and Compliance

  • Work with our legal partners to ensure that we’re set up and operating at the right balance of compliance and efficiency for our stage based upon global policies and regulations

Organization Effectiveness

  • Develop a deep understanding of how work gets done and collaborate with team leads to work through issues, fill gaps, and implement/refine processes when needed to address personnel challenges.
  • Identify where we have skill or experience gaps to anticipate future hiring needs
  • Have a strong grasp on the talent we already have in-house so we can promote from within and stretch people with new roles/responsibilities

Training & Development

  • Work with team leads to create relevant training materials/sessions for their teams
  • Work with new managers on people management skills (giving feedback, dealing with performance issues, etc.)

Performance Management & Compensation

  • July / January - implement and execute mid-year / year-end review process
  • Foster a culture which encourages open communication and regular feedback throughout the year (by encouraging this with both mgrs and employees)
  • Participate in any performance warnings and terminations
  • Work with leadership to manage compensation changes throughout the year and at year-end (raises, bonuses, etc.)
  • Make sure we have competitive pay practices and are not risk for strong talent getting poached
  • Work with people managers to effectively manage performance issues and keep high-performing employees motivated and happy


  • Experience leading recruiting and/or HR in a startup environment, or experience as an early member on this team having a front-row seat to the growth and functions required
  • Experience managing internal and external resources on long running projects
  • Experience creating plans with clear objectives and seeing through their execution
  • Comfortable recruiting developers and technical roles
  • Comfortable recruiting for business functions
  • Comfortable working with executives to identify organizational needs, and identify hiring plans
  • A strong network of resources to tap into to solve HR problems on a global basis
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic interest in the emerging way that organizations work in the web3 ecosystem of blockchain and crypto driven projects

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email containing your Resume and/or LinkedIn to with the subject line: Head of People.

Here is what to expect during the application process:

  • Initial Conversation (30 mins)
  • First Round Interview (60-90 mins)
  • Second Round Interview (3-4 hours)
  • Reference Checks
How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email containing your Github profile and/or LinkedIn.
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