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Set Pricing


Choose a price

Orchestrators set a price per pixel to charge for transcoding which is denominated in Wei (1 ETH = 1e18 Wei) which is advertised to broadcasters off-chain.

In the future, there will be tools available to help make informed pricing decisions. Currently, the recommendation is to ask in Discord if you are looking for help with setting a price that will allow you to receive work on the network.

Configure automatic price adjustments

You can configure your orchestrator to advertise a constant price by starting it with the -autoAdjustPrice=false flag. Otherwise, the orchestrator will automatically adjust its price based on the overhead of ticket redemption. Refer to the Automatic Price Adjustment docs for more information.

Set the price with livepeer_cli

The base price per pixel can be set using livepeer_cli:

  1. Run livepeer_cli

  2. Enter the number corresponding to the Set orchestrator config option

  3. You will be prompted to enter values for a variety of fields. You can just use the existing values for these values if you only want to set the price

  4. You will eventually be prompted for the price per pixel.

    Set the number of pixels in a single unit of work you will charge a price for:

    Enter a transcoding base price in wei per pixels
    eg. 1 wei / 10 pixels = 0,1 wei per pixel
    Enter amount of pixels that make up a single unit (default: 1 pixel):

    You will typically want to use the default (1).

    Set the price (in wei) that you will charge per unit of work:

    Enter the price for 1 pixels in Wei (required):
  5. You should see a log from your node indicating that the price has been updated.


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Pre-requisitiesChoose a priceConfigure automatic price adjustmentsSet the price with livepeer_cli