Doug Petkanics

Doug has founded and led engineering at two startups: Hyperpublic (acquired by Groupon), and Wildcard. He has focused on architecting and building realtime data processing systems as well as building and leading effective, happy teams. He has a BSE in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania (2006).


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Lucy Wang

Lucy is Livepeer's Head of Operations. She joins from Greycroft where she served as an in house data scientist and emerging tech investor, focusing on fringe technologies including blockchain. Prior to that Lucy was an investment associate at Bridgewater, where she got her first exposure to cryptocurrency. Lucy has a BA in Mathematical Economics from Brown and an MS in Machine Learning from NYU. 


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Eric Tang

Eric has built software alongside Doug for 7+ years, first at Hyperpublic and Groupon, and then as co-founder and CTO at Wildcard. Involved with cryptocurrency since 2012, he has increasingly become interested in blockchain technology and decentralization. Eric has a BS and MA in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University (2007).


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Yondon Fu

Yondon is a software engineer who discovered his passion for decentralized technology and economic protocols during his senior year at Dartmouth College, where he graduated with a BA in Computer Science. He focused his senior research on protocols and incentives for open source contribution, and has actively contributed best practices to smart contract development and security to the community.


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