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Calling Reward

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Calling Reward

By default, an active orchestrator will automatically call reward in each round meaning that it will submit an Ethereum transaction that will distribute newly minted LPT rewards to itself and its delegators.

The amount of LPT rewards distributed by the reward call will depend on the orchestrator's stake (includes both its own self-delegated stake and the stake of its delegators). Note that it is possible for the ETH transaction cost of calling reward to exceed the amount of LPT rewards distributed for orchestrator's with very low stake.

As you are getting started, the recommendation is to initially disable automatic reward calls, manually make reward calls via livepeer_cli in each round based on whether it makes economic senese to do so and enable automatic reward calls only when you feel comfortable with the amount of LPT rewards expected to be distributed relative to the ETH transaction cost.


Disable automatic reward calls

You can disable automatic reward calls with the -reward=false flag (all other flags omitted):

livepeer \
    -network mainnet \

Manually call reward

You can manually call reward via livepeer_cli:

  1. Estimate the current ETH transacton cost for calling reward.

    • The gas cost for a reward call is typically 350k-450k
    • Get the required gas price from ethgasstation or gasnow
    • The ETH transaction cost will be the gas cost multiplied by the gas price
  2. Make sure livepeer is running and run livepeer_cli

  3. Enter the number corresponding to the Invoke "reward" option

  4. Wait for transaction to confirm. You should see the logs of your orchestrator indicating a transaction being submitted and confirmed on-chain.

Enable automatic reward calls

You can enable automatic reward calls by omitting the -reward=false flag since this feature is enabled by default.



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