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Livepeer is a video infrastructure network for live and on-demand streaming. Designed to give developers the freedom to innovate, creators autonomy from platforms, and viewers a choice in their experience.

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Explore guides and a variety of resources to help you get started adding live and on demand video experiences to your application using the Livepeer Network.


Run a livepeer node and transcode video on your GPUs in exchange for gateway fees and network rewards.


Help secure and improve the network by delegating LPT with the most performant orchestrators and earn a cut of their gateway fees and network rewards in exchange.
A 10-minute Primer

Curious about how Livepeer works?

Through storytelling, illustration, and data, the Livepeer Primer explains, at a high level, the problem Livepeer solves and how it works.
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The Livepeer Ecosystem

A growing network of open video apps

By combining Livepeer’s open video API with other emerging open protocols in social and onchain finance, developers are disrupting the way creators own and monetize their video content, enabling novel experiences in music, entertainment, shopping, gaming, and beyond.

The Lot Radio

The Lot Radio

24/7 livestream of over 165 resident DJs


Crypto-native livestreaming platform with fun, gamified features


StreamETH is an open video CMS for organizing virtual or hybrid events.


Bonfire gives you the tools to start, grow, and manage communities.


A decentralized social media client built with Lens and Livepeer.
The Livepeer Community

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Livepeer is an open project that believes in open source code and creative contribution from people with diverse interests and skillsets. Join us.

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