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Livepeer Brand Guidelines

Resources for presenting the Livepeer brand consistently and professionally.
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Logotype (Wordmark)

The Livepeer logotype should be featured in all instances where Livepeer is mentioned, provided there is sufficient space. Preferably, use the monochrome version with the designated brand colors shown below.

Logomark (Icon)

In compact layouts or logo-only grids, the Livepeer logomark serves as a succinct representation of the brand.

Combination Mark (Icon + Wordmark)

The combination mark combines the logomark and logotype to create a unique logo lockup that is both recognizable and versatile.

Livepeer Colors

Use Charcoal Black and Snow White to represent the overall Livepeer project, providing a neutral and professional backdrop for a cohesive visual identity. Circuit Green should represent the Livepeer Network and Livepeer Token, symbolizing connectivity, technological sophistication, growth, and value.
Circuit Green
Charcoal Black
Snow White

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