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Livepeer open source

Open video infrastructure for an open web.

Featured Open Source projects

Technologies used in Livepeer’s open source software include Golang, Solidity, Typescript, open source video tools like ffmpeg, and smart contract platforms like Ethereum.

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Go Livepeer

Official Go implementation of the Livepeer protocol


Ethereum smart contracts used for the Livepeer protocol


A Javascript library for interacting with the Livepeer API.

Get involved

There are many opportunities to collaborate with others in the Livepeer ecosystem on code both on the video side, and on the blockchain side.

Read the Livepeer.js contributor guidelines and look for good first issues.
View the Grant Proposals to see application concepts with some funding attached.
Chat with the development team in Discord - we’re a welcoming bunch, so don’t be shy. Ask how you can get involved.