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Page last updated: 4/19/2023

Livepeer Pricing

Running your own Livepeer node infrastructure can be challenging, especially when getting started or scaling fast. Gateway services exist that run optimized node infrastructure for you, so you can focus on building your video applications or product instead.

These services typically provide an API key that you can use to broadcast video streams into the network, paying on your behalf at a market rate determined by the open Livepeer network. It's up to them to set and advertise additional pricing structures on top of this market rate.

Today, Livepeer Inc, the initial team behind the Livepeer protocol, runs the most popular gateway service. Information about its pricing structure can be found below.

How much does it cost to start using Livepeer Inc's gateway service?

It’s free to start! Easily create an account with 1,000 minutes/month of video processing (transcoding and uploading videos), 100 viewers, and 3 multistreaming targets per stream for no charge.

What costs are associated with livestreaming?

There are three costs associated with livestreaming.

Transcoding - the ingesting of video to the Livepeer network ($0.005 USD/min)

Delivery - the streaming of video to various consumer endpoints; delivery ensures flawless high quality playback on whatever device or bandwidth the end viewer is watching ($0.015 USD/GB)

Multistreaming - sending the video to multiple players (like YouTube or Twitch) ($0.002 USD/min per destination)

What are the costs associated with video on demand?

There are three costs associated with video on demand.

Uploading - the uploading, transcoding, and optimization of content to make sure it plays back beautifully ($0.005 USD/min)

Delivery - the streaming of video to various video player or device ($0.015 USD/GB)

Storage - the cost of storing content reliably via Livepeer storage on decentralized or cloud storage providers (pricing coming soon)

How much does Livepeer cost compared to traditional video development platforms?

Livepeer aims to provide video processing at a 5-10x cost saving compared to traditional video development platforms.

I am building with Livepeer at a hackathon. Is there a cost to stream?

In the hundreds of hackathon projects that were built with Livepeer, none have ever exceeded the 1,000 min/month free plan. But, if this is a concern email Livepeer Inc at or reach out on discord.

Do I need to provide a credit card number to create an account?

A credit card is not required to create an account.

What currencies does Livepeer Inc accept?

USD is the only currency accepted right now via Livepeer Studio. Crypto-native payments are coming later this year. If you prefer to pay with cryptocurrency now, contact us directly.